“R-TYPE FINAL 3 EVOLVED Soundtrack” featuring the ending song “Before that flower falls” and background music from the side-view shooter “R-TYPE FINAL 3 EVOLVED” is now available.


“R-Type Final 2 Homage Stage Soundtrack Volume Three”, which includes the background music of the homage stage pass vol.3 of the shooter game “R-Type Final 2”, is now available.


“R-Type Final 2 Homage Stage Soundtrack” Volume One and Two, featuring background music from the first and second homage stage passes of the shooter game “R-Type Final 2”, have been released.

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Granzella Music

Granzella Music is a music label operated by a game company Granzella Inc.
We distribute and sell songs and music used in the games and events we created, as well as songs from artists who have been working together with us.
Trial listening is available so please feel free to listen to the music.
Some of the music must sound familiar or nostalgic for those who have played our games or participated in our events.
We hope you will enjoy.

From all the staff at Granzella Music



moon princess は、Play'n Go のテーマ性がありグラフィックの高い人気ビデオスロットです。ここで最も重要なシンボルのひとつが ワイルド です。